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Spinning is a vigorous cardio vascular, mental and muscular workout that is offered at Gold Medal Fitness several times a week. Results of a recent study done at our club indicated that Spinning yields the most members on a daily basis.

Spinning is done on a stationary bike indoors in one of our fitness studios with dim lighting and various music types. In these classes, the insensity of the workout is influenced by a few things: pedal rate, resistance of the bike’s wheel, which can manually be altered at any time during the class, and position, you can either pedal from a seated position or a risen postion. Spinning is appropriate for all fitness level because you are able to adjust your own resistance and speed to a level that you are capable of keeping up with.

Spinning is an effective workout that allows avid bikers to train in the off seasons. Another great benefit is that you do not have to wear a helmet.

Gold Medal Fitness offers two types of a spinning classes. A regular spin is fourty-five minutes in duration and a “Super” Spin is one- hour long. Try spinning here any day of the week. Check out our group fitness schedule found on this website to find a Spin that works for you.