At Gold Medal Fitness, we pride ourselves in our extensive class offerings and outstanding instructors. Our Group Fitness program is designed to provide you with a safe, effective and fun workout.

Whether you are looking for mental or physical well being, Gold Medal Fitness offers a number of classes that will help you to meet your fitness goals and will fit into your busy schedule.

We also offer a complete indoor cycling program, Wheel House Elite Cycle Studio, and a boot camp program, Fit Body Boot Camp. Stop by the front desk, call us at 908-233-7122 or email for more information on these great programs.

Our Classes

Pilates Mat
Focus on the “powerhouse” (abdomen, lower back and buttocks) of the body, breathing and alignment in this mind-body class based on the principles of Joseph H. Pilates. Improve strength, flexibility and posture with these strengthening and supportive exercises that stem from the core of the body.

Power Yoga
Challenge yourself with yoga in a series of powerful postures. This intermediate-level class is for the experienced student or someone looking for a demanding workout.

Vinyasa Yoga
Build strength and flexibility in this flowing sequence of postures linked together with dynamic breathing. Sometimes there are long holdings, and sometimes the tempo moves quickly.

Yoga Sculpt
This class will combine the stretching and mindfulness of yoga, with strength training. You will practice traditional yoga poses for flexibility but add body weight exercises that will strengthen the muscles and burn calories.

Dance your way to a fitter you! Experience exciting and unique Latin moves and rhythms in this class that is taking the world by storm. All levels

Minimizing the Movement, Maximizing your Muscles. A “SWEET” and POWERFUL combination of Pilates, barre, yoga, and core to work every muscle in 30 minutes.
Designed as a low impact class minimizing the movement while maximizing your muscles. Created and taught by Renee Wichelns (AFAA Certified) who has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years and has seen the many changes in group classes and what will work best for every level of fitness. A challenging and empowering 30 minutes that will leave you feeling stronger and longer!

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